Glamour Mistress Fabula, London Mistress

Glamour Mistress Fabula, London Mistress


Some recent testimonials from recent slaves and subs.

More to come as I type them up!


March 2015

From Forfeit Guy

Dear MF

Thank you so much for the session. As hard as it was I actually enjoyed it.  My partner was suitably impressed that I have passed my forfeit.... If you would consider seasoning with me again .. has some ideas for the two forfeits I still have to do... Many thanks again. Ps you are truly beautiful as well.

February 2015

From Sweet Doggy

I have always dreamed of being trained by a sexy, authoritative totally domineering woman. Being led round on a lead after being collared. Of being trained to beg, sit, fetch, roll over. To be used as the Doggy I am!
And all I can say is you were everything I ever fantasied about.  I loved being given treats for being good, to carry around my treats in my mouth , or to be allowed to kiss Mistresses feet, to feel myself clutched in reward to your bosom. I could smell how gorgeous you are!
We had such fun! I can't wait to be your bad Doggy again!

January 2015

From Footboy

Miss, I loved how you spanked me today. I wanted more and more. Your touch was strong, stick and caring. I felt totally under your control and thought I could go on like this for ever as I lay there, blindfolded, wondering where and how you would touch me.
I wanted to lie quivering at your feet in thanks. I felt such honour when you rewarded me for taking my punishment so well, by letting me stroke and kiss and lick your beautiful legs. I liked your  bare skin best though the feel of your stockings against your skin made my cock so hard. I can't wait till I can be at your feet waiting for you cane again.

November 2014

From my lovely new Painslut:

Dear Miss Fabula,Just a quick note to thank you for a great session yesterday.Unfortunately everytime I go online now I finish up looking at your photograph with your right leg in the air,is this healthy !! It is a lovely leg ,and the left one is not so bad either,so perhaps it is o.k.I am really looking forward to hopefully seeing you again           Best Regards     Painslut

October 2014

From SissyBoy:

I really loved what we did today, Miss, thank you, so much. I loved being humiliated in the garden wearing my sissy pink panties. and then being shaved, spread out on the  bench and the other Miss coming in to laugh at me.  The exercising dressed in French Maid's outfit was hard, but Miss can you please hit me even harder as i know you like it and I am such a bad boy. SissyBoy